My name is Kelsi Kennedy, and I am a fully-trained birth doula, wife, mother, and social activist. I am passionate about providing evidence and intentional support to birthing people and their partners as they embark on the journey of pregnancy, birth, & parenthood.

My Mission

As a teenager, I had the privilege of attending births before I graduated high school. I have cared for many wonderful women and babies, studied human development throughout my academic career, and worked in many jobs that placed me in a position to care for and serve others.

For two years, I studied trauma while working with survivors of sex trafficking in New York City. In that time, I learned that the mind and body are in a complex and beautiful relationship with one another. As a woman who has endured trauma myself, I benefitted deeply from the presence of a doula at the birth of my son. After that experience, I discovered that I too held a desire to do for other women what my doula did for me: provide unconditional support during pregnancy and birth.

As a researcher, I believe that knowledge is power. I am here to provide you with evidence-based information to help you decide what is right for you during your birth experience. As a parent, I know that the bond you have with your baby(ies) before, during, and after birth is incomparable. I am here to help you process the magical change of becoming a parent, of becoming a family, as it unfolds for you. As a birth doula, I know that you are powerful, wondrous, and capable.

I am here to support you as you discover those things about yourself, and as you accomplish the magnificent work of birth. 

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.
— Laura Stavoe Harm