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As a postpartum doula, I am here to support you as you navigate the first weeks and months home with your new baby/babies. Whether this is a first baby or fifth, new parents (especially those who just gave birth) deserve to be nourished, guided, and helped, and I am here to do just that!

My postpartum work usually entails 3 or more hours in your home during the day or a stay overnight. While I’m with you, I offer judgment-free, organized, compassionate help in the form of:

  • newborn care support

  • chest/bottle-feeding support

  • cooking & light cleaning (including laundry)

  • caring for baby so you can rest

  • well-researched recommendations for services such as lactation consultants, long-term childcare, pelvic-floor therapy, mental health professionals, etc.

  • a listening ear

  • & much more

Every family’s needs as they adjust to a new baby are different, and my work is adaptable to each unique family I serve.

Please feel free to email or call (731) 676-5253 for information on fees and availability.