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Kelsi was our doula for the birth of our first child in September 2018. Mid-way through pregnancy, we decided we wanted to hire a doula. Kelsi was the first (and only) doula we contacted, and after interviewing her, we knew she would be an amazing asset for our birth experience. Our two prenatal meetings with her were very informative, where we got to know her, and she learned more about us and our intentions for the birth of our son. After we created our birth “plan” and sharing it with her, she then created a visual birth plan to accompany it at the hospital, which ended up being very useful, as labor did not go as we had originally hoped.

My water broke at home, but I wasn’t having any contractions. Since I was Group B Strep positive, we had to go to the hospital, where we met Kelsi. While we were waiting to see the OB, Kelsi walked the hallways with us and suggested various movements to help start labor. Having Kelsi as our doula during this waiting time proved to be highly beneficial, as she helped us advocate for our wishes for as few interventions as possible, knowing that labor would be need to be induced.

Once Pitocin had been started and contractions began and quickly intensified, our appreciation for Kelsi increased exponentially. She was absolutely indispensable during the 5 hours of contractions before our son was born. Shortly before delivery, as I was involuntarily pushing, the nurse said that I shouldn’t push, since I wasn’t fully dilated yet (was at 9 cm at the last cervical check shortly before). However, Kelsi was able to assess that I should, in fact, be pushing, as the nurse saw that he was crowning when she checked. Shortly after, I delivered our son without any significant complications.

We also hired Kelsi as a postpartum doula, and have been so appreciative of her. Overall, Kelsi was the best possible doula for us and she is highly recommended.


My first child was born after a long, painful, and slightly traumatic hospital induction. For my second baby, we decided to go with a homebirth to avoid unneeded interventions and to be near our first child. On the morning of October 9th, I started feeling some cramping on my back. I texted Kelsi right away. The cramps were so mild though that I was not sure whether or not it was real labor. Kelsi and I were in touch for a few hours, and she came over when.I asked her to do so. She and my husband took turns playing with my son and supporting me. I also put her in touch with my midwife. I found my midwife a stressful person to talk to, so Kelsi also acted as a liaison between us on the phone. When we got home, Kelsi guided me into a labor position that helped my baby rotate (he was sunnyside up (thus the back pains) and I knew he rotated because the labor pains had shifted to my belly. At 9pm I put my toddler to bed, walked up and down the stairs (to speed up labor) and I felt a trickle down my leg. I sat on the toilet, and my water broke into the toilet with a gush. The labor pains went from mild to intense within seconds. I started shaking with fear, and Kelsi reassured me that everything was progressing well. I climbed into the bathtub, hoping it would make the pain go away. Kelsi sensed that birth was imminent, and was again in touch with our midwife on the phone. Kelsi then insisted we go to the bed, which I did reluctantly. In the bed, I felt my body pushing out the baby. I later found out that Kelsi had discreetly checked the baby's heartbeat (feeling a vein on his head which was crowning) and she untangled his umbilical cord between contractions. At 9:58, Kelsi caught my baby as my body pushed him out! The midwife arrived a bit after 10pm after my baby was already crying on my chest. In the end, I was glad Kelsi caught my baby, instead of the midwife, since I felt much more comfortable with Kelsi! My husband and I highly recommend her!


It doesn't make a difference if you're right down the road or 1,000 miles away-- Kelsi will give you and your pregnancy the same quality of care and attention. I just had my first born one month ago and Kelsi checked in on me throughout the entire pregnancy as a long-distance resource. Anytime I felt my body behaving strangely, I would give Kelsi a call or text-- she even offered video chats! On the night I went into labor, I knew that something was different. Kelsi was just a call away and gave me the advice I needed to allow my body to commit to the labor. With Kelsi's natural induction methods, yoga positions, successful birth stories, and words of affirmation, I truly believe that Kelsi is the reason my body responded so well to early labor. In the hospital, I really held onto her words in the hard moments. I remember repeating to myself what Kelsi had told me hours before, "You are not alone in this labor. Hundreds of women are laboring with you right at this moment." It was so comforting to have the visualization of a powerful force of women all coming together and pulling that joint energy of strength to get through the labor. The woman next door was also laboring naturally. We were able to connect and talk as I was checking out of the hospital, and I just kept thinking, "you were one of the women with me. I was not alone and neither were you." I felt this sense of connectedness to this stranger all because of the new perspective of community that Kelsi had given me. 
When I returned home from the hospital, Kelsi stayed with me-- always just a text or a call away. She has continued to be a resource throughout this chapter of postpartum motherhood, assisting me in mental health, infant care, lactation support, clogged milk-ducts, and mother to mother support. I do not know how I would have made it through this process without the support and care of Kelsi. Anyone would be lucky to be served by such a committed Doula!